Kristy (kristy1000) wrote,


Ok so last night we went over to my friend Dean's house and this guy told me this riddle i had to try and figure out. So try and figure it out yourself, if you come up with the right answer you are supposedly psychotic, i answered wrong so i'm ok.

So, this woman is attending her mother's funeral where she meets the man of her dreams, he's handsome, smart and all that stuff. They hit it off really well. The next day the woman kills her sister. Why?
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...because he liked her sister.. or because she wanted to meet another guy?

am i crazy?

&.. anthony dean?!
nope you got it wrong which is a good friend's first name is dean... when's reggae fest!?!
and also since u are the only one who answered this ill tell u! the woman killed her sister so she could meet the man again at her sister's funeral. since the man was at her mother's funeral he'd surely attend her sister's funeral. i guess they ask this question to serial killers and serial killers always get it right. it was pretty freaky at the time i was told it. i was pretty blitzed at the time haha later.