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kristy1000's Journal

2 May
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shutup and rock
311, 80's music, adam sandler, aerosmith, airborne, alice in chains, animals, aqua teen hunger force, back to school, beer, behind the music, billy joel, blankets, blind melon, bob dylan, bob marley, bradley nowell, bud light, buddy holly, california, candy, car rides, cat stevens, cats, caught on tv, cd's, chicago, chloroform, classic rock, coffee, comedies, concerts, corey feldman, corey haim, creed, creedence clearwater, cute boys, cute clothes, d-town, dancing, dave grohl, days of our lives, deftones, depeche mode, destiny's child, disturbed, drinking, driving fast, dumb and dumber, duran duran, elton john, elvis, etta james, everclear, flickerstick, flirting, foo fighters, friday the 13th, friends, green day, half-baked, hank williams, hard ons, haunted houses, hemp, high school, hot boys, incubus, inxs, jackass, janes addiction, jason lee, john mellancamp, johnny cash, johnny knoxville, journey, kissing, korn, kurt cobain, linkin park, livejournal, love, madonna, makeup, makin out, matthew lilliard, motley crue, nail polish, nin, nintendo, nirvana, oasis, office space, orgasms, outkast, partying, pat benatar, pearl jam, phish, phone calls, pictures, piercings, pot, pretty in pink, punk rock, punky brewster, queer bait, rage against the machine, reading, red headed sluts, reggae, reo speedwagon, river phoenix, rodney dangerfield, roy orbison, saturday night live, saved by the bell, say anything, scary movies, sex, smoking weed, soccer, social distortion, soundgarden, st. elmo's fire, staind, stone temple pilots, stuff, sublime, summer, swimming, swimming naked, system of a down, taking pictures, tattoos, the bangles, the beatles, the breakfast club, the cure, the doors, the goonies, the police, the rolling stones, too many gods, tool, tori amos, u2, unsolved mysteries, valley girl